Monaco takes the top spot in the world with regard to life expectancy. People in Monaco enjoy a life expectancy of over ninety years of age upwards. Below are some of the reasons why Monaco has a high life expectancy level.

The diet a people eats is very crucial in determining their general health and the length of time they will live. Situated next to the Mediterranean Sea, Monaco’s diet is mainly composed of a Mediterranean diet of seafood caught from the sea. This is white meat protein for their die and it is supplemented with vegetables, whole grain meals, healthy fats and the food here is natural, fresh and unprocessed.

The other aspect that makes life expectancy in Monaco high is their healthcare system. According to the world health organization, it ranks among the worlds healthiest country. The great health care ensures that the people in Monaco get the best treatment and medical care and this, in turn, reflects into a longer life span as fewer lives are lost due to health-related complications. Monaco also has the highest number of medical physicians per person in the world and for this reason, medical care here is at its best.

Monaco has a very wealthy population. Out of every three individuals, one is a millionaire. This means that they can afford the best quality of life and their economy is well supported with little hustle needed for them to earn a living. The less energy the residents here spend in working is used in the regeneration of their bodies and this way the population lives a longer life.

The environment we live in plays a key role in defining the length of time a person lives. With a clean environment, pollution-related diseases rarely affect life and this will see it thrive. Monaco is known to be one of the most environmentally sensitive countries in Europe and caring for the environment has seen them enjoy the benefit of thriving life in the form of a high expectancy.

To conclude, the crime rate in Monaco is also very low and incidences of life lost due to criminal cases are very low. This is due to the fact that Monaco has the highest number of police officers offering security to every individual in the country. This means that the population is safe and any criminal incident is ever left unchecked and action is taken upon it with immediate effect. These are the reasons why Monaco has a high life expectancy level. Click here for more info: